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 Support & Installation of SoundRitSoft software



Unless  otherwise noted, SoundRitSoft software requires MS-Windows 98 or higher.






  • NOTE: If you recieve an 'Access Violation' error message during  installation, click on Ignore. This may occur if your system already has some of the required OCX files.
  • Also, if notified a file being copied is older than a file you already have, click Keep Newer File.



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Software License Agreement

SoundRitSoft grants to you a license to use its products on a single machine.
These products may not be transferred to another party. SoundRitSoft warrants
its software to be free of defects under normal use for 30 days after purchase.
SoundRitSoft products are sold "as is". You, the consumer, bear the entire risk in
the performance of the software. In no event will SoundRitSoft, or its owners, be
liable for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any
defect in the software.




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